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CRBLM Scientific Day 2012

CRBLM is proud to announce its first Scientific Day, to be held at UQAM on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, from 10 am onwards.

Prof. Kevin Munhall (Queen’s University) will give a lecture entitled “The sound and the fury: two short talks about speech perception and production”.

The first CRBLM Scientific Day will put research conducted by its student members centre-stage, thanks to two poster sessions to be held in the afternoon. Numerous BRAMS students will be presenting their research on this occasion. Please note that this event is free and open to all.



10:30   Kevin Munhall, Queen’s University

“The sound and the fury: 2 short talks about speech perception and production”

Salle des Boiseries (J-2810)


13:00 – Poster Session A

Le Basilaire (J-2850)

  1. Alexandra Marquis & Phaedra Royle. Les groupes de conjugaison de verbes dans l’apprentissage du français L1 & L2
  2. Andréane Melançon & Rushen Shi. Toddlers encode grammatical gender during word learning
  3. Mireille Babineau & Rushen Shi. Syllable-integrity bias and statistical segmentation in infants
  4. Matthew Masapollo, Linda Polka & Lucie Ménard. Infants’ perception of infant vowels
  5. Erica J. Yoon, Heather Goad & Kristine H. Onishi. Cues Used by 10-Month-Old Infants in Within-Word Segmentation
  6. Tokiko Okuma. L2 acquisition of Japanese accents by L1 English speakers
  7. Tokiko Okuma. L2 acquisition of discourse constraints on the use of Japanese pronouns
  8. Catherine Roquet, Sean Hutchins & Isabelle Peretz.L’effet de générosité vocale: Chantons-nous si mal?
  9. Marie-Élaine Lagrois, Nicolas Robitaille & Isabelle Peretz. Mesure du traitement implicite de la syntaxe musicale par l’indice électrophysiologique de la mismatch negativity (MMN)
  10. Marie-Ève Desjardins, Nicolas Robitaille & Isabelle Peretz. Modulation des potentiels évoqués auditifs via la Stimulation Transcrânienne par Courant Direct (tDCS)
  11. Aruna Sudarshan, Julie Mercier, Irina Pivneva, Shari Baum & Debra Titone. Individual Differences in Executive Function Modulate Bilingual Spoken Language Processing in Healthy Older Adults: Evidence from Eye-tracking
  12. Irina Pivneva. What the eyes tell us about bilingual language production: increased inhibitory capacity and second language (L2) proficiency help bilinguals resolve within- and between-language competition
  13. Rachel Brown, Andràs Tikàsz & Caroline Palmer. Auditory and motor imagery abilities influence music learning
  14. Pan Liu & Marc D. Pell. Recognizing vocal emotions in Mandarin Chinese: A validated database of Chinese vocal emotional stimuli
  15. Simon Rigoulot Karyn Fish & Marc Pell. Is she really sincere? Electrophysiological correlates of the detection of sincere compliments and white lies
  16. Kristen Boyle & Yuriko Oshima-Takane. Verb learning using eye gaze in 26-month-old children
  17. L.J. Pierce, Di. Mo, Y. Oshima-Takane, N. Kanayama, H. Nakano & F. Genesee. Time Frequency Analysis of Null Arguments and Anaphoric Violations
  18. Marie Lippeveld & Yuriko Oshima-Takane. How Children Learn Class Extension Rules for Denominal Verbs


14:30 – Poster Session B

Le Basilaire (J-2850)

  1. Caroline Émond, Lucie Ménard & Marty Laforest. Perception de la parole souriante : les femmes plus rapides sur la gâchette que les hommes
  2. Christine Turgeon. Relationship between the MMN and speech perception in cochlear implant users
  3. Alexandre Lehmann & Marc Schoenwiesner. Frequency-specific modulation of human auditory brainstem responses by endogenous attention
  4. Valérie Aubrais & Marc Schoenwiesner. Étude de la pondération des indices de localisation spatiale sur le plan horizontal
  5. Sophie Nolden, Patrick Bermudez, Christine Lefebvre, Stephan Grimault & Pierre Jolicoeur. The retention of tones differing in timbre in short-term memory
  6. Ana Tryfon, Nicholas E.V. Foster, Tia Ouimet, Krissy Doyle-Thomas, Evdokia Anagnostou, NeuroDevNet ASD imaging group & Krista L. Hyde. Auditory-motor synchronization in children with autism spectrum disorder
  7. Nicholas E.V. Foster, Tia Ouimet, Ana Tryfon, Krissy Doyle-Thomas, Evdokia Anagnostou, Neurodevnet ASD imaging group & Krista L. Hyde. Enhanced processing of pitch direction in children with autism spectrum disorder
  8. Tia Ouimet, Nicholas E.V. Foster, Ana Tryfon & Krissy Doyle-Thomas, Evdokia Anagnostou, Neurodevnet ASD imaging group & Krista L. Hyde. Auditory global-local processing in children with autism spectrum disorder
  9. Emily B.J. Coffey, Sibylle C. Herholz, Robert J. Zatorre. Effects of long-term musical training on neuronal correlates of auditory imagery
  10. Mary Elizabeth Sutherland, Tomas Paus & Robert J. Zatorre. The development of the neural mechanisms underlying musical transposition
  11. Michael Klein. Decoding the brain: patterns of activity in cortex can predict quality of musical stimuli
  12. Sibylle C. Herholz, Emily B.J. Coffey and Robert J. Zatorre. Training-related changes in the cortical networks for mental auditory imagery and auditory perception
  13. Sibylle C. Herholz, Emily B.J. Coffey, Robert J. Zatorre. Short-term piano training changes the neural correlates of musical imagery and perception – a longitudinal fMRI study
  14. Benjamin Elgie, Douglas M. Shiller, Shari R. Baum, Vincent L. Gracco. The role of middle frontal gyrus in speech motor learning
  15. Jonathan Berken, Kelvin Mok, Jen-Kai Chen, Vincent Gracco & Denise Klein. Neuroanatomical Correlates of Bilingual Language Experience: Effects of Age of Exposure
  16. Pauline Tranchant & Isabelle Peretz. Beat deafness: a new case
  17. Annie-Claude Paris, Henri Cohen & Emmanuelle Pourcher. Covered Maze Learning and Consolidation in Parkinson’s Disease
  18. Fatemeh Mollaei, Vincent L. Gracco & Douglas M. Shiller. Motor learning deficits in the control of speech production in Parkinson’s Disease
  19. Veronica Whitford, Gillian A. O’Driscoll, Christopher C. Pack, Ridha Joober, Ashok Malla & Debra Titone. Individual Differences in Phonological Processing and Oculomotor Control Drive Reading Impairments in Schizophrenia
  20. Ana Maria Gonzalez. Parents of Children with ASD Scaffold Novel Word Learning
  21. Janet Bang, Tianyu Zhang & Aparna Nadig. A look at the input: Relationships between parental speech and child vocabulary in autism and typical development


16:00   Awards


May 15 2012


10:30 am - 5:00 pm




Journée Scientifique du CRBLM
Université du Québec à Montréal, 405, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Pavillon Judith-Jasmin (J)



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