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CRBLM workshop: Can Music Improve Speech?

CRBLM (Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music) is pleased to announce the organization of a one-day workshop on Music and Speech, to be held at BRAMS (University of Montreal) on November 30, 2011.

The workshop will feature a presentation by keynote speaker, Sylvain Moreno, Rotman Research Institute (Toronto), entitled “Sensory tuning to cognitive benefits: The missing link in transfer effects between music and language processing”.



9am: Sean Hutchins, Ph.D. – University of Montreal – “Pitch in speech imitation and discrimination”

9:30am: Pascale Lidji, Ph.D. – McGill University – “Effects of synchronization with rhythmic speech and singing on aphasics’ linguistic productions”

10am: Kathrin Rothermich, Ph.D. – Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig – “The rhythm’s gonna get you: the influence of regular rhythm on semantic and syntactic integration”

10:30am: Coffee break

11am: Debbie Carroll, Ph.D. – University of Quebec at Montreal – “A study of the effectiveness of an adaptation of Melodic Intonation Therapy in increasing the communicative speech of young children with Down syndrome”

11:30am: Benjamin Zendel, Ph.D. – University of Montreal – “The effects of lifelong musicianship on understanding speech in noise”

12pm: Lunch break

1:30pm – Manon Grube, Ph.D. – Newcastle University – “Correlations between auditory sequence processing & language skill”

2pm – Gavin Bidelman, Ph.D. – Rotman Research Institute – “Sensory tuning to cognitive benefits: The missing link in transfer effects between music and language processing (lower cognition)”

2:30pm: Coffee break

3pm: Keynote speaker – Sylvain Moreno, Ph.D. – Rotman Research Institute – “Sensory tuning to cognitive benefits: The missing link in transfer effects between music and language processing (higher cognition)”

4pm: Roundtable with: Vince Gracco, Ph.D. – McGill University; Robert Zatorre, Ph.D. – Montreal Neurological Institute; Sandra Trehub, Ph.D. – University of Toronto



Please note that we no longer accept registration for this workshop,  as it is now full (35 registrants). Thank you for your understanding.



This event is sponsored by CRBLM, Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music, and is organized by Aline Moussard, Ph.D. Student, Pascale Lidji, Postdoctoral Fellow, and Isabelle Peretz, BRAMS co-director.


Nov 30 2011


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


BRAMS, Suite 0-120
1430 boul. Mont Royal, Université de Montréal



BRAMS (International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research) is a unique laboratory dedicated to research excellence in the study of music and auditory cognition with a focus on neuroscience. BRAMS is located in Montreal and jointly affiliated with the University of Montreal and McGill University.


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