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May 30th, 2022

BRAMS Symposium “Music and Stuttering” at the Joint World Congress on Stuttering and Cluttering in Montreal

BRAMS members present the symposium “Music and Stuttering” at the Joint World Congress on Stuttering and Cluttering (www.jwcsc.org) in Montreal the upcoming week (27th-30th of may)!

This triannual congress, hosted this year in Montreal, is a major event for researchers and speech-language pathologists, people who stutter, and people who clutter. It offers a platform for dialogue and collaboration on current research, viewpoints, and treatments for stuttering and cluttering.  On saturday 28th, Simone Falk and Simone Dalla Bella as well as our collaborator Miriam Oschkinat will give talks at the symposium “Music and Stuttering” organized by Simone Falk. Friday to Sunday, three student members of BRAMS (Mona Franke, Marilyne Lemire and Chantal-Valérie Lee) will showcase their projects in poster presentations. You find more information on the program as well on how to register at www.jwcsc.org

One research focus of Simone Falk’s Canada Research Chair “Interdisciplinary studies on rhythm and language acquisition” is on music, rhythm and stuttering. Together with major Canadian stuttering associations (Association Bégaiement Communication, ABC, www.abcbegaiement.com, and the Canadian Stuttering associations, CSA, www.stutter.ca) and the Singwell project (www.singwell.ca), her lab is examining whether group singing has the potential to improve articulatory and psycho-social aspects in adults who stutter. Another series of project, in collaboration with Simone Dalla Bella’s lab, IVADO as well as the Institute of Phonetics and Speech processing at the University of Munich (LMU), focuses on rhythmic capacities as well as on inter-speaker coordination in children and adolescents who stutter. Please check out Simone’s related podcast interview (in French) on “chant, musique, cerveau et bégaiement” (#20) in the series “je je je suis un podcast” organized by the Association Bégaiement Communication (https://www.abcbegaiement.com/podcast/).

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