Marie-Victorin Lab – UdeM

Marie-Victorin Laboratory – UdeM

90 Vincent-d’Indy Ave., Outremont, QC H2V 2S9 (Contact)
University of Montreal

BRAMS Technological Platform offers vast research space and equipment at the cutting-edge of technology. Among the many facilities available, there are five soundproof testing booths, an fNIRS system (functional Near-InfraRed Spectroscopy), a TMS system (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), five high density EEG systems (Electroencephalography), five BIOPAC systems (psychophysiological parameters), a Dome with 80 speakers, and a motion capture video recording system. Research professionals work at the center to provide the necessary technical and administrative support to all members and their students.


Two Electroencephalography (EEG) Labs

(In soundproof, electrically shielded Faraday booths)
Recording of EEG data without electric or acoustic interference

  • Five 64-channel BioSemi EEG systems. High-density recording of electrical brain activity (up to 64 electrodes)
  • Two Neuroscan Synamps EEG systems -TMS compatible. High-density (64 channels) recording of electrical brain activity (alone or during TMS stimulation)

Motion Capture Lab
  • Qualisys System, 32 cameras, 1000 frames per second (infrared markers). Records human movements with high resolution in 3D (largest non-commercial system in Canada).
  • XSens MVN mobile motion-capture system. Records human movement via IMU (inertial movement unit) sensors.
  • Delsys Trigno Wireless system. EMG + motion capture + pressure sensors integration.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Lab
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation System (TMS) – Magstim/ Rapid 2. Stimulates the brain with magnetic pulses.
  • EMG AD Instruments. Captures and records muscle activity.
  • Brainsight Neuro-navigation system. Optical positioning system allowing real-time visualization of the stimulation site.

fNIRS Laboratory (functional Near InfraRed Spectroscopy)

Assesses the activation of the cortex by measuring the amount of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin in relation to neuronal activity

Soundproof booth with a Dome of 80 speakers

Allows the controlled presentation of a sound environment

Testing laboratories – Three general-purpose soundproof booths with:
  • Five BIOPAC systems. Recording of physiological responses such as respiration, heart rate, electrodermal activity, pulse oximetry, etc.
  • A transcranial direct current stimulation system (tDCS). To activate or inhibit brain areas using non-invasive brain stimulation
  • EyeLink 1000 EyeTracker system. Captures and accurately analyzes eye activity, such as gaze direction
  • KEMAR dummy-head microphone. Binaural recording and calibration
  • Two AC40 Interacoustics audiometers. Allowing standard audiometry tests (measuring auditory thresholds)
  • Polhemus 3D head tracker. 3D localization of the exact position of specific regions of the head/ EEG electrodes
  • 32-channel Digital Mixer console with 32 microphone Preamplifiers. Recording 3D sound environments
  • Two in-ear binaural microphones. Recording sounds in the ear canal

General equipment
  • 20 computer stations for data analysis, and 27 desks for postdocs and students.



  • Polycom teleconference system in the Conference room

  • 2 small interview rooms
  • Matlab
  • Eprime 10-seat license (2. x)
  • Presentation
  • AcqKnowledge
  • Brain Vision Analyzer (3. x)
  • Besa 5
  • Besa 6 complete
  • Max MSP 8+ Jitter
  • Reaper 10-seat license
  • Open-source data collection and analysis software
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BRAMS (International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research) is a unique centre dedicated to research excellence in the study of music and auditory cognition with a focus on neuroscience. The research centre is located in Montreal and jointly affiliated with the University of Montreal and McGill University.


Our civic address
Pavillon Marie-Victorin/ Local A-108
90 Vincent-d’Indy Ave., Outremont, QC H2V 2S9

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BRAMS / UdeM – FAS – Département de psychologie
CP 6128, succ. Centre-ville/ Montréal, QC H3C 3J7

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514.343.6111 ext. 3167
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