Jérémie Voix, P. Eng, Ph.D.

Jérémie Voix is an Acoustics Engineer with field experience in industrial noise reduction projects. He holds a Master’s degree in Fundamental Physics from Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (France), as well as a Master’s degree in Applied Sciences in Acoustics from Université de Sherbrooke. In 2006, he received his Doctorate of Engineering in Industrial Accoustics, which was awarded with great distinction – from the École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS). Jérémie Voix has been the CTO and VP of Scientific Research at Sonomax Hearing Healthcare Inc, now EERS Global Technologies Inc. where he worked on merging hearing protection, hearing aids and communication devices into one digital “smart earplug”. This device, dubbed SonX is currently being commercially offered by EERS Inc., targeting the emerging market of “Enterprise Wearables” and aiming to protect the 350 million Western industrial workers who are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss. In 2016, he was appointed as a full professor in the Mechanical engineering department at École de Technologie Supérieure, and now leads the NSERC-EERS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies (CRITIAS). In addition to his professorship at ÉTS, Prof. Voix is also an Adjunct Professor at McGill Unviersity, where he is Associate Director of Scientific & Technological Research for the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT). Since 2017, Prof Voix has also served as Director of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV) and President of the Canadian Acoustics Association (CAA).

CRITIAS is recognized worldwide for the development of wearable technologies and is based on the development of original hardware platforms that allow the instrumenting of the human ear and that use audio signal processing and biosignal extraction algorithms. The research preformed at CRITIAS enable its Canadian industrial partner, EERS, to commercialize in-ear wearables for hearing protection, hearing aid, two-way communication and brain-computer interfaces for industrial, military, consumer and medical markets. CRITIAS core research activities include three areas of expertise: digital hearing protection, communication in noise and in-ear sensing. Prof. Voix also carries a separate line of research on human earcanal characterization towards a long-term project of micro-energy harvesting for in-ear wearables.

icon Affiliation: Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department

icon University: École de technologie supérieure

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icon Phone: (514) 396-8437

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