Sarah Lippé, Ph.D.

Sarah Lippé, Ph.D., neuropsychologist, completed a Master’s degree in neuropsychology and a Ph.D. in clinical and research neuropsychology at the University of Montreal. She was trained as a postdoctoral fellow in neuroscience at the Atomic Energy Commission (France) and at the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care (Toronto). She is FRQ-S Scientist and co-Head Deputy of the Brain and Child Development axis at the CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital and Full Professor at the Psychology Department of the University of Montreal, and member of several research groups and Network (BRAMS, CerebrUM, GRIP, TACC, KBHN). Her research focuses on brain development, sensory processing and sensitivity and learning in healthy infants and children. Further, she investigates neurodevelopmental disorders risk factors. She particularly wants to understand the prenatal and genetic risk factors leading to neurodevelopmental disorders, and their consequences on brain development, sensory processing and sensitivity and learning capacities. Her investigation methods are non-invasive and enables her to develop early screening methods and treatment efficacy assessments.
Among her current initiatives, she co-leads the creation of a high density mice-based EEG platform at CRCHUSJ and the creation of a new multidisciplinary translational research program to mechanistically understand neurodevelopmental disorders. She also leads the first inter-generational genetic-neuropsychology-EEG cohort of children with genetic risk factors, in which more than 400 families are tested using EEG and neuropsychology (Brain Canada, Quebec 1000 projects (Q1K)). Moreover, ongoing contributions include the development of treatment options for neurodevelopmental disorders. Her lab is among the very first to propose EEG as an outcome measure in international and national clinical trials. She leads the neuropsychology and EEG investigation aspect of Canada-USA-European clinical trials for children presenting with autism and/or intellectual disability. She is also leading national and international initiatives on infant EEG, aiming at creating a normative database to understand EEG signals maturation and to create a clinical tool for infants brain signal assessments. Her laboratory “Neuroscience of Early Development lab” is multidisciplinary. Collaboration is the rule more than the exception.

icon Affiliation: Professor, Department of Psychology

icon University: Université de Montréal

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icon Phone: 514-343-6111 Ext. 46040

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